The Oil and Gas Industry (O&G Industry) have been witnessing tremendous transformations in the recent past and it the trend will continue to follow as the oil price continues to sky-rocket, which is a clear indicator of our heavy consumption and dependency on the deteriorating non-renewable energy. Many technological innovations incorporated by top oil operators to leverage production of oil, in any available form, match or exceed space technology – a very pronounced indicator of the great demands of this industry.

"What's new" is no more relevant in current scenario. If proper time and effort is spent in finding out the latest developments and updates of the industry while taking the necessary measures, we will at all time stay ahead in the game.

Keeping a regular check on the latest O&G Industry updates is more of a requirement than a ‘good to know information’ in order to deliver to the changing demands of this sector and shell out huge profits.

What We Do & How We Do It

We organize technical platforms for oil and gas operators, to minister to growing knowledge gaps that arise within organizations, or as a result of changing industry standards and technological upgrades.

HCIEx work through a range of platforms: Conferences, Workshops, Trainings and In-House Trainings to cater to the O&G operators and deliver the required know-how.

We bring together professionals at varying stages of their career, from Experts to New Entrants, Vice Presidents to Engineers, in order to better understand the challenges faced at different rungs. This helps the delegates gain a broader perspective and develop a collective approach to identify and reach in the best way forward.

Together with the experts, who form the Steering Committee, we encourage each operator to share their case studies, budget black holes, best practices, and requests expertise to overcome unique issues faced by some operators. Technological assistance is offered by top solution providers from respective fields.

Through intensive knowledge transfer sessions, we ensure that every professional in the room is updated with the latest industry trends, successful and safe practices, and above all is well-equipped to effectively execute his job.


Workshops are designed for a specific audience, and focus on finding solutions to numerous technical challenges surrounding the mainstream subject. The limited gathering of 50 to 60 participants encourages heightened interactivity and discussions, facilitating the flow of knowledge and information between participants through case study analysis, identifying best practices, showcasing recent technological developments, master classes and knowledge-sharing sessions.

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From medium-sized to large conferences, we create business development platforms where organization heads and important decision makers from oil and gas operators and solution-providers alike convene to discuss strategic projects, industry regulations, latest technological advancements while building strategic relations through extensive networking.

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Training is the most traditional form of knowledge exchange. It's a platform where our strong network of Subject Matter Experts imparts knowledge to the professional with the passion to learn. We offer technical trainings on niche topics and also cater to group of professional ranging from 8 to 25 people.

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